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Portal Builder is offered solely as a service. Also, we offer you three editions of the platform via subscription and fully flexible service levels.

  • Portal Builder Express: If you initially want to keep your website updated by basic and occasional changes can start this subscription. When ready, you can jump into the Premium edition.
  • Premium Portal Builder: To boost your website with maximum autonomy and productivity and value generating new business opportunities for your company, this is the right subscription. Provide effective tools to evolve the site, get more visitors and increase conversions potential customers.
  • Builder Enterprise Portal:

    Oriented companies with various web portals that want to centrally manage large portals and requiring support a large volume of visitors.


Advantages of our subscriptions

Builder Portal is hosted on Microsoft's cloud, Azure, with a flexible subscription as needed your needs, but you can also have it in your own infrastructure (on-premise).

  • Minimal risk: It requires initial investment in software.
  • All included in the subscription: Support, software, new versions.
  • Quick start: Projects in weeks, not months.
  • Software always update: Forget expensive technology migrations or stay stuck in the past. Choose 'Just-in-time'.
  • Flexibility: The subscription price is based on the edition of selected product and service package required.
  • Lower cost of ownership (TCO): Removes infrastructure costs, migration, licenses and hours of your IT department with respect to traditional commercial software or Opensource.

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