Below we detail the benefits that Portal Builder reports to companies :

  • Improve positioning: Our technology will help your website appear in the top positions of search engines.
  • Reduce investment in advertising: Your products and services will reach more customers without the need to invest in sponsored ads.
  • Increase the conversion of visits: Thanks to tools such as the heat map, you can get more potential customers.
  • Expand your potential market: With simultaneous translation, your website will be effortlessly available in the languages that interest you.
  • Always up-to-date : Thanks to the fact that Portal Builder is in the cloud, forget about costly migrations or being technologically anchored in the past.
  • Save on resources: Your IT department can completely forget about the technical aspects of the web, hosting, support and operation.
  • Evolves with you: Portal Builder grows by listening to the needs of our customers, incorporating new features in the road-map.
  • All inclusive: Use of the application, hosting, support services, resolution of incidents and updating of new versions, are included in a single subscription.

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