We softeng bring our experience in the SharePoint platform to help in the work of architecture design, implementation, migration, SharePoint consulting and training.

For customers who already work with SharePoint in Softeng we offer consulting services to cover more complex needs such as: Customizing search system, automating business processes and workflows, business intelligence and definition of KPI's to integrate in dashboards (scorecards). For this, we get the best of services Excel, Sharepoint Connectivity, Infopath, PerformancePoint services, among others.

Migration Services SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint 2016

We assist and support the process of migration to new versions of SharePoint adjusting the plan to your business needs

Implementation and adoption of SharePoint functionality

Microsoft SharePoint is an extensible platform and integrated with other corporate services company. That is why the deployment and adoption of all its value is always carried out in phases, always giving priority to those that provide greater value to the customer.

Typical examples of functionality that can be deployed or not taken are:

  • Training for users to work more comfortably with libraries and documents.
  • Support for the creation and government business taxonomies.
  • Enterprise Wiki to provide knowledge
  • Search engine optimization SharePoint

advanced engineering

Microsoft SharePoint is a highly extensible platform, which in turn, allows the insertion of custom development. Thus, it is possible to further customize the platform and improve business processes where required. Softeng offers a range of consulting services to meet needs such as:

  • Optimization of business processes through workflows and document management
  • Integration and definition of KPI's to integrate them into dashboards
  • Development of customized modules based on WebParts
  • Development and implementation of advanced features enterprise search with SharePoint search technology, server or Fast Search Search
  • Integration with your external information systems ERP, CRM or any enterprise data source.

advanced training

In order to help the process of adopting the new version of SharePoint, we have designed a series of courses focused as different profiles of users and administrators and taught by professionals with extensive experience in SharePoint.

We also have advanced courses in which you will learn to work with Webparts graphics connected to any object in SharePoint, enhanced Excel Services functionality, Pivot table interactive and increase the visibility of values, metrics and objectives of your organization through PerformancePoint

managed services

Once you have running your corporate intranet SharePoint, SOFTENG offers you a set of management services and management designed with the aim of allowing you to enjoy a healthy and reliable environment, focusing the activity of your development team in the proportion of assistance and value to all users of the application.

Its main features are:

  • Guarantee health and stability: SharePoint managed services we offer are designed to ensure the health and stability of your SharePoint server environment, reducing the administrative burden and cost of IT support and maintenance
  • Expert Care: All service guarantees are provided by our team of engineers certified by Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Troubleshooting: We help to resolve any technical impediment affecting the intranet, regardless of their cause.
  • Continued support for adoption: We help users get the most out of SharePoint.
  • Flexible service levels (SLA): Each customer requires a different level of service so we fit exactly to your needs.
  • Packages hours: For making improvements, customizations and implementation of new requirements.

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