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The use of social networks has grown quickly in recent years, causing companies to adopt this new model of communication. Yammer allows companies to adapt quickly to market changes, breaking the geographical and organizational barriers and opening new channels of communication that will improve labor relations of your employees.

Yammer is a private social network in which a space is generated for a fluid and bidirectional communication. It has all the characteristics of a social network (chat, immediacy, feeds, microbloggins, etc ...) transferred to the company and designed for employees to communicate with each other, speeding the process of internal communication over traditional systems such meetings , email, etc. ..

Thanks to the capabilities of Yammer, your company can improve teamwork and greater visibility of projects, also makes the ideas flow from all ranks of the same, which can detect synergies to save time and money, much more complicated using email.

What are the benefits to companies Yammer?
The benefits that can be obtained thanks to Yammer are large, these are some of them:

  • Facilitates communication between employees and optimize internal company communication, urging workers to share knowledge that enriches the company.
  • Knowledge management helps to consolidate and share in an instant
  • Promotes natural collaboration between employees (Innovate, discover ideas, find creative ways to collaborate, etc ...)
  • Boost productivity through teamwork,
  • It helps companies manage corporate communications, streamlining information between workers and making the process fluid communication, internal and external.
  • Improve corporate environment and make links with the company, this type of communication and collaboration among employees creates a sense of belonging and permanence therein.
  • Decentralized cohesive teams or individuals, this type of communication helps departments of companies are related, even if they are in different cities or countries.



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