Microsoft Office 365

The Microsoft Productivity Platform in the Cloud

Imposes the productivity of your company and decreases the expenses of
IT with Microsoft Office 365.

In a competitive market, businesses regardless of size, need a technology capable of offering flexibility to your business and increase the value of the organization in a profitable way. Services on the Cloud Office365 are one way to achieve these objectives,

Office 365: The best productivity experience at your fingertips

Office 365 is the platform for productivity, communication and hosted in the cloud that brings together the main tools of higher value and in its most recent version collaboration. Thanks to the effectiveness of these online services, your organization, regardless of size, can reduce time and costs.

Office 365 is a complete solution that offers users the ability to work anytime, anywhere, communicate via video with anyone, share your work in real time and safely, using   email, calendar and contact information from virtually all types of devices have a collaborative intranet for all employees and control all enterprise information with robust security and privacy controls.

Service plans for Microsoft Office 365 are designed to help you meet your organization's needs for security, reliability and user productivity. Office 365 includes:

One of the commitments that Microsoft has with respect to their productivity platform in the cloud, Office 365, is to ensure the security and privacy of information of customers who use it, and it is guided by principles of trust You can refer to the following link:

Safety Office 365

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