The cloud of Microsoft and Softeng event ushers in a new era

In an event with full House, Softeng reconfirmed its position as a specialist in cloud next to Microsoft and discovered us how the combination of Office 365, Azure and Portal Builder, helps companies to reduce the cost of its infrastructure, increase their productivity and improve the capacity for innovation. Here you have the material.
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5 reasons to move your servers to the cloud

Increasingly more companies decide to migrate your servers to the cloud with the aim of obtaining greater flexibility, reduce operating costs and eliminate investment, thus benefiting from the financial and technical aspects surrounding the cloud. Infrraestructura to your needs without any investment. Discover AZURE.

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Get on the cloud and discover Office 365, free

With Office 365 will be able to work from anywhere, communicate by videoconference with who you want, share your work, use mail, calendar and contacts from all kinds of devices, and enjoy an intranet to collaborate with everyone in your organization.

In 5 minutes you can be enjoying now Office 365. Are you going to lose?

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Tips that will increase the visits on your website

Here are a few tips that are essential for the preparation of a good positioning strategy and get more visits.

Don't miss them!

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Ediciones Urano already enjoy your new SharePoint intranet

The publishing house Ediciones Urano initially by Softeng opted to carry out the development of its new intranet and since few weeks ago, already enjoys success of a tool that quickly has become key for your business.

Softeng we proud of Ediciones Urano satisfaction with our work. Thank you for your confidence!

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Softeng easily renews your website thanks to Portal Builder

Just a few days ago we renewed our website with the aim of offering a more up-to-date space, clearly highlighting the value of our 3 areas of specialization as well as the new cloud solutions that we have prepared for you.

Everything has been possible thanks to the new visual composition tool of Portal Builder , which has allowed us to change the appearance and content of our website easily as well as have it translated into Catalan and English automatically , saving us many hours of work.

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Softeng participates successfully in the "Scrum Gathering Barcelona 2012"

The Scrum Alliance International Association invited Softeng by its proven experience in software engineering. In this important event of agile methodologies which this year was held in Barcelona, the attendees were able to discover tips and best practices for develop better software. Here is our presentation material.

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