The CDTI rewards the work to the research and development of SOFTENG for product development of websites and content management system PORTAL BUILDER CMS.
SOFTENG PORTAL BUILDER CMS is the tool of construction and management of web applications type portal and intranet collaboration that has managed to combine the highest productivity in its process of development, with a reliable software, using a new user interfaceintuitive and compatible with PDA devices. Its ease of use and degree of intuitividad reaches a level such that the public to which it is addressed does not require technical expertise or to build or manage any Internet project.

Developed with language.NET, the product integrates seamlessly with tools as Search Server, and Microsoft's Workflow Foundation, greatly facilitating searches on sites of any type of company as well as the definition of processes in large dimension entities.
See the benefits that make the creation and management tool of content without competition in the Spanish market of Portal Builder CMS.


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