SOFTENG will participate together with IDC in Barcelona event "2010 content management"
SOFTENG will participate together with IDC in Barcelona event "2010 content management"
In this event, IDC and SOFTENG , along with companies and organizations as Google, Accenture, IBM, DeutcheBank and Generalitat de Catalunya  among others, they will analyze the present and future of the Web with emphasis on topics such as SaaS, cloud computing web 3.0 (semantic web) and content management technologies that can sustain the breakneck speed of innovation on the Internet.

In his speech, the director-general of SOFTENG will speak about the "SaaS Anywhere" software model and how is it possible reduce costs and generate more business opportunities with a Web Project Business Platform.  Also, the event will feature the official Barcelona College of nursing presentation of the success story of its "virtual infermera" Health Portal, which has been developed entirely with the softeng Portal builder CMS platform.

According to the IDC, content management is becoming a widespread need. In addition, the automation of business processes, the popularity of the Internet and unstructured content, regulatory pressure and cost reduction drive this segment with force.

If you want to know more about this event which will take place on March 3 in the Juan Carlos I Hotel, you can consult the information on the site of the management of content 2010 event.. 

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