Softeng Portal Builder incorporates automatic translation of content, in Real time
Softeng Portal Builder incorporates automatic translation of content, in Real time

Announcing with enthusiasm the incorporation of another innovative provision in our project Web, Softeng Portal Builder ™development platform.

From now, Softeng Portal Builder ™ will allow companies to disseminate their content in several languages keeping only one.  This provision, which we call "simultaneous translation", allows our customers to choose what languages they wish to have its website, so that Softeng Portal Builder ™ the translated automatically and in real time at the time that a visitor to change the language of the site.  This innovative feature is now available for all our customers with "saas premium" and "saas enterprise" subscription.

The automatic translation of Softeng Portal Builder features:

  • Allows to offer the web in the main languages of the world immediately, through contents translated automatically in real time from the Spanish or any other language.
  • The supported languages are the officers of the State (Catalan, Basque and Galician), English, French, German, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese and Japanese.
  • Information of goals for positioning, translated (Title, keywords, Description, Author,...)
  • In cases requiring maximum precision for certain content, is offered the possibility of combining contents translated automatically with others located manually.
  • Possibility that the URLs are translated or not.
  • To check the quality of machine translation, there is the possibility of pre-visualizar the web translated automatically in a certain language.
  • High speed, having locations in Cache while it is unlikely to alter the content in the original language.

Benefits of automatic translation of Softeng Portal Builder:

  • Forget having to send the content to be translated to launch a new language.
  • Forget having to keep the changes and updates in multiple languages simultaneously.
  • Eliminate the cost of initial translation, the rear as well as the time needed to update and manage change.
  • The translation is instant.
  • To position your website automatically in the search engines with words in other languages getting more visits in the markets that interest you.

We invite you to try our web language change and navigate by the site in any of the languages in which it is offered: Catalan, English, German, Portuguese, French, Arabic and Japanese. You will see that despite being a machine translation, without any human intervention, its accuracy is more than acceptable and in languages of the State, simply spectacular.

Through this new provision, SOFTENG shows once again its total commitment to his philosophy of continuous innovation providing business value to its customers with clear and tangible benefits, as well as a rapid return on your investment.

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