SOFTENG participates in the Microsoft RoadShow on Windows Azure, presenting to partners the case study of Softeng Portal Builder in the cloud.

In various cities of Spain, Microsoft is helping all its partners to enter into Windows Azure to support them in their first steps. To do this, Microsoft invited SOFTENG, gold partner, to take part in these events to present the case of success of Softeng Portal Builder in the cloud with Windows Azure, as well as to offer specific advice and value to their partners on how to develop and move large applications to the cloud in Windows Azure.

The presentation, to apply to partners of Microsoft, contains a technical part on tips and considerations to take into account to migrate applications to Windows Azure.

The commitment of Microsoft to count on SOFTENG in around the launch of Windows Azure comes from months ago.  The story began when Microsoft corporation in Redmond discovered Softeng Portal Builder and decided to develop the first case study of a solution running in Windows Azure in Spain, publishing it on the international site here . Also, after a few weeks, Microsoft Ibérica decided at the same time develop an own Studio, with another approach and in Castilian, which discusses the benefits that presents Softeng Portal Builder with more depth as well as the differences from other classic cms purely content management products.This new case study of Softeng Portal Builder and Windows Azure is has published on the site of Microsoft Spain here

Since then, the collaborations between SOFTENG and Microsoft are repeated: since the submission of Softeng Portal Builder with Steve Ballmer and the roadshow of Windows Azure for partners of Microsoft taking place at the moment, up coming events which by their importance, soon will be announced on our site.


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