SOFTENG MICROSOFT and organized the event "The new generation of portals in the cloud"
SOFTENG MICROSOFT and organize the event "The new generation of portals in the cloud"
Consulte la agenda e inscríbaseThe close collaboration between Microsoft and Softeng Cloud especially in the area, has resulted in various agreements between the organization which is part of a series of events to help companies make the leap to the cloud.
Coinciding with the launch of the public beta of Microsoft Office 365 and the great success it is having the Portal Builder Softeng platform in the cloud with Windows Azure Microsoft, Microsoft and Softeng felt it was the perfect time to show the benefits that more companies behave these technologies and solutions available to overcome common challenges with which it is now enfrontan companies.

This event aims, without jargon, to bring the cloud responsible for Marketing and IT companies, informing them of its benefits and helping you decide which platform is best suited for deploying a web project in Cloud. Were also present alternatives depending on whether a project collaboration and management intranet or a public portal for customers and / or suppliers.

This event is of interest to companies that have some of the following concerns:
  • Knowing the benefits they can bring the Cloud.
  • Ways to reduce the costs of their IT department.
  • How to improve employee productivity and retain knowledge making it available to the entire organization from anywhere and securely.
  • How to promote your business through the Web.


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