Softeng is confirmed as a specialist in Office for companies.
Softeng is confirmed as a specialist in Office365 for companies.

In the event, Office 365, Softeng specialists talked about productivity and reducing costs with Microsoft Online services. It also presented the case of real of a company in which showed as the power of products as well as the quality and security of Microsoft with Office 365 cloud services, cover perfectly the needs of messaging, collaboration, productivity, and corporate communications, generating a real value for the business with a clear cost saving.

The event that had a great success of participation and a great satisfaction in the polls result, hosted business decision makers and it managers of companies from various sectors who had the opportunity to meet the gains of productivity, agility and reliability of services in Microsoft's cloud as well as the benefits and economic enterprises impact (ROI) by adopting the solution in the cloud.

Carlos Colell, Director General of Softengmade this presentation. She speaks about the benefits that brings the cloud to companies.

Presentation ofOffice 365 about productivity with Office 365 and value for organizations presented by José Luís Cruz, Partner technology Advisor of Microsoft.

Presentation on the economic impact (ROI) for businesses to adopt Office 365 directed by Xavier Hernanz, Consulting Services Manager of Microsoft Innovation Center.

For those who could not attend the event discussed that this is one of the newborns close collaboration events maintained by Microsoft and Softeng especially in Cloud and area Office 365, which has resulted in various agreements between which fits the Organization of a series of events to publicize the technology and latest news that we will be announcing in a timely manner.

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