SOFTENG becomes strategic partner of Microsoft Innovation Center

Microsoft Partner de innovaciónIn the center of innovation in Microsoft's productivity (Productivity MIC) is a foundation that aims to help companies increase employee productivity from efficient use of technology.

The objective of the agreement signed between the Microsoft Innovation Center and SOFTENG, is working together to outreach to businesses on how information technology can increase productivity. The MIC provides knowledge for companies to derive maximum value from technology and improve their productivity and extend their knowledge SOFTENG work in Microsoft's platform to disseminate these technologies companies through informative events and projects within our three areas Specialization:

  • Systems engineering the Microsoft platform, primarily through Virtualization, Cloud, Business Continuity and automating IT tasks to obtain products that the IT department
  • Intranet portals for information management and collaboration through Microsoft SharePoint 2010 offering productivity for all employees of the organization.
  • Public Web Portals by Softeng Portal Builder, empowering business through the Web and providing for their management autonomy and productivity.

SOFTENG joined the Microsoft Innovation Center as a strategic partner for being too aligned with your objectives to fully match the business model that is required today must have as its main objective the efficient management of the connection between processes, people and information and that in an economy based on talent, information systems take a leading role as the nervous system of organizations.


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