Salut Blanquerna Prize for the "Infermera Virtual" portal, developed with Softeng Portal Builder.
Salut Blanquerna Prize for the "Virtual infermera" portal, developed with Softeng Portal Builder.

The Infermera Virtual portal developed by SOFTENG through tool construction of sites and Softeng Portal Builder ™content management system, has been awarded by the EUIFN Blanquerna of the Universitat Ramon Llull with the Salut Blanquerna Prize

This award is a special value the recognition to these years of rigorous and inspiring work of many professionals SOFTENG at the technical level, both of la salut, communication, language, management, all under the direction and final coordination of Gisel Fontanet Cornudellaattached to the Directorate of programs of the COIB.

All of them, have made possible this common project, which aims to move the concrete, single and differential service that nurses offer to society, contributing this way to guarantee the right of people to be cared.


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