Microsoft takes Softeng Portal Builder as a success story of Windows Azure in Spain
Microsoft takes Softeng Portal Builder as a success story of Windows Azure in Spain

The fact that the Softeng Portal Builder platform is the first and to date the only SaaS solution in the world that operates in cloud-computing through Microsoft Windows Azure, has not gone unnoticed by the American multinational.

Microsoft contacted Softeng last June showing great interest in all the technical and strategic details of Softeng Portal Builder and its experience on the start-up in Microsoft Windows Azure, for which it requested Softeng's collaboration to carry out a study on the benefits of the union of both solutions.

For a month, the Microsoft team assigned from headquarters in Redmon worked closely with Softeng product engineers to understand and evaluate the Softeng Portal Builder platform and the benefits of the solution, especially when combined with cloud hosting with Windows Azure.

During the meetings and interviews held, Microsoft positively appreciated the integration of Softeng Portal Builder with Microsoft Sharepoint , so that now customers can have a powerful cloud solution for external web projects through Softeng Portal Builder and, at the same time, integrate with intranets developed in Sharepoint as well as with other business applications hosted on-premise.

According to the results of the Microsoft study recently published on the American corporation's website, the benefits achieved have been mainly cost reduction, unlimited scalability and flexibility, and a much faster deployment of web projects . Likewise, the study includes the main advantages and value offered by the “Softeng Portal Builder” platform for Web projects.

Softeng Portal Builder has been the first case study of a Spanish company carried out by Microsoft on a solution running on Windows Azure . This recognition not only endorses Softeng as a specialist and expert in Windows Azure, but it has also been the reason why Microsoft Ibérica has also carried out another parallel study that will be published shortly.

You can directly access and download the Microsoft case study from here

About SOFTENG Founded in 1997, Softeng is a national software engineering expert in Microsoft technology and manufacturer of the first cloud-based SaaS platform for Web projects: Softeng Portal Builder ™ helps companies build, manage and connect enterprise Web solutions. If you are interested in obtaining more information about Softeng, visit the website http://www.softeng.es  

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