The Catalan Government chooses SOFTENG and Softeng Portal Builder for the development of the development of the IES website
La Generalitat de Catalunya trust in SOFTENG and Softeng Portal Builder for the development of the formation of the IES website
"Institut d'Estudis de la Salut" of the Generalitat of Catalonia trusts in SOFTENG and its business platform Softeng Portal builder for development of web projects, for carrying out the project of speeding up the training process that are graduates and graduates health who choose a recognized specialty.

The "Institut d'Estudis of la Salut" welcomed the benefits softeng Portal builder, not only to build web sites but also in this case and, especially, for developing web applications customized, complex, robust, scalable, and integrated workflow processes. All these benefits will facilitate the inclusion of workflows to improve the processes directly related to the specialised health training system.

The portal is designed to carry out certification and management of the supply of training places, as well as that of the guardians that will guide residents during their learning process. The accreditation process begins with the fulfilment of certain requirements and the application of new places by the centres, requirements that will be evaluated by that bodies such as the Institut d'Estudis de la Salut, health Departament of the Generalitat of Catalonia and the Ministry of health and social policy (MSC)they will decide on its adoption so that finally become ofertables squares.


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