Softeng trusts ISS Facility Services to ensure that their applications are always operational.

The department of information technologies ISS SOFTENG has entrusted a project to upgrade its IT infrastructure based on Microsoft platform with the aim of increasing the availability of business applications thereby ensuring business continuity.

ISS is present in over 50 countries and over 485,000 employees providing services to over 100,000 customers every day, generating a turnover of € 9,254 Mill (2009). It is also the 6th best company in the world by Fortune magazine.

 Project summary:

 The client opted for SOFTENG thanks to their knowledge in applying Microsoft technology in the first place a solution for corporate applications that use SQL Server database at headquarters were always operating and available, regardless of incidents that could happen hardware or software.

 To this end, proposed a solution SOFTENG GeoCluster with SQL Server 2008 . With this system, although applications for a seat "A" to connect to a local database, it is replicated continuously and automatically other site "B" as a "continuous backup" . Thus, if the database server at headquarters "A " had an effect, all users would automatically work with the database at headquarters "B"and vice versa, all Automatically fast and transparent.


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