October 2017


All the security that the cloud of Microsoft offers with Office 365 and Azure (Part I)

La movilidad empresarial, el aluvión de dispositivos en el lugar de trabajo, las aplicaciones Saas y la nube han transformado el funcionamiento empresarial y a medida que el aumento de estas soluciones y la disponibilidad de las datos crecen, también han crecido los requerimientos globales de cumplimiento, junto con la sofisticación de los hackers.

Este es el primer post de una serie de artículos en los que vamos a adentrarnos en toda la temática de seguridad en la nube y en las soluciones de seguridad inteligente que Microsoft nos ofrece.




Protect your company's email with Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection

Email is one of the preferred ways for cybercriminals to introduce malware on computers through attachments or links to malicious websites.

Office 365 already provides businesses with basic security measures that protect email against known spam, malware, and viruses. However, as hackers launch increasingly sophisticated and damaging attacks, companies need new tools capable of neutralizing them. For this, Microsoft offers us Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP).



Protect your company's confidential information with Azure Information Protection

Your IT department works hard to keep data and systems secure within your company, but what happens when that data is shared outside of your organization? , What happens when you send sensitive information about your company through email? , Is it possible to control it?

Azure Information Protection is the answer and in this article we tell you how it helps you.



Protect your company's computers with Windows 10 E5

In this article we are going to talk about Windows 10 Enterprise E5 , the most complete Microsoft offer for your operating system that includes all the security capabilities of the E3 version by adding an advanced security layer through Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) , a powerful security tool that offers maximum protection for your company.



16 and 22 February Save these dates!

The next 16 and February 22, 2018 in Barcelona and Madrid respectively, we will be holding a new edition of our event on cloud solutions in which you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the cloud specialists from both Microsoft and Softeng, the latest developments in the field security, modern collaboration, mobility and in general, the keys to accelerate the digital transformation of your company .



Invent Farma is committed to Office 365 by Softeng to modernize and improve its productivity

Grupo Invent Farma in Spain is an important pharmaceutical group, formed by a staff of more than 400 employees that develops, produces and markets active ingredients and generic pharmaceutical specialties with a high added value through its subsidiaries: Laboratorios Lesvi , Inke and Qualigen .

The company has opted for Softeng and Microsoft Office 365 solutions to modernize its mail solution with Exchange Online and boost employee collaboration   with SharePoint Online and OneDrive.


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October 2017