May 2018


Discover how Microsoft 365 and Softeng help you comply with the new GDPR regulation

Next May 25 the GDPR (Global Data Protection Regulation) comes into force, the new regulation for data protection throughout the European Union.

Microsoft 365 is in a unique position to help you comply with the GDPR, offering you a complete set of compliance capabilities and in this article we will tell you exactly how it will help you to quickly comply with the new regulations.



Discover all the news from Microsoft Teams

Last March, Microsoft Teams , the tool designed to improve communication and collaboration of the work teams of companies, completed its first year. To celebrate its anniversary, Microsoft published an image with numbers that demonstrate the spectacular degree of adoption that the Office 365 tool is taking worldwide.

In this article we review the most outstanding news and those that will come during this year.


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Protect your company against advanced threats with Azure ATP

Companies require security that evolves even faster than current threats to be able to respond immediately to any attack, whether on the premises or in the cloud.

Azure Advanced Threat Protection is the solution. It is designed to help companies detect and analyze advanced attacks and internal threats in local environments, in the cloud and hybrids. In this article we present you with a summary of how your company will be much more protected from now on.



Protect your company's email with Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection

Email is one of the preferred ways for cybercriminals to introduce malware on computers through attachments or links to malicious websites.

Office 365 already provides businesses with basic security measures that protect email against known spam, malware, and viruses. However, as hackers launch increasingly sophisticated and damaging attacks, companies need new tools capable of neutralizing them. For this, Microsoft offers us Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP).



Summary of the great Softeng event on productivity, security and compliance in the cloud with Microsoft 365 and Azure

Last February we celebrated in Barcelona and Madrid our event "Boosts the competitiveness of your company", this year focused on security and legal compliance, in the path of companies towards digital transformation.

After the great attendance (more than 250 attendees), the congratulations of all and seeing the surveys (an average of 4.63 out of 5) we can not be more satisfied and proud of the tremendous success achieved. In this article we leave you a summary with the key aspects of the presentations.



Sellbytel promotes its digital transformation with the help of Softeng

Sellbytel Group is one of the world leaders in outsourcing services, with presence in more than 60 cities around the world.

The group has once again trusted SOFTENG as its trusted partner in the cloud for the migration and restructuring of its infrastructure to Azure.

In this article we tell you about the benefits that Azure services offered by Softeng have reported to Sellbytel and the testimony of the Group's IT Director.


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