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Protect your company's email with Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection

Email is one of the preferred ways for cybercriminals to introduce malware on computers through attachments or links to malicious websites.

Office 365 already provides businesses with basic security measures that protect email against known spam, malware, and viruses. However, as hackers launch increasingly sophisticated and damaging attacks, companies need new tools capable of neutralizing them. For this, Microsoft offers us Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP).


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Softeng manages to be Finalist to Microsoft's "Best Partner of the Year 2017"

Once again, from Redmon, coinciding with the end of its fiscal year, Microsoft has chosen the best partners in the world from among, this time, more than 2,800 nominations . Since Softeng even though we had many expectations deposited in our nomination to win the prize in the category of Best partner of Spain, finally the balance leaned in favor of another company.

However, bearing in mind that the winner is a multinational company that has more than 500 employees in Spain and that we have managed to be one of the 3 finalists chosen from a total of 5,500 partners, we consider it an achievement to have been finalists and we are proud of That Softeng has established itself as a recognized specialist in digitally transforming companies using the Microsoft cloud using Office 365 and Azure.


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We tell you when to use each Office 365 collaboration tool

Office 365 offers you a set of solutions that adapt to your needs and that combines the best tools of modern collaboration, reducing complexity and security challenges for IT departments. However, we must bear in mind that each tool has a different objective and knowing its nature will allow us to link them with the objectives of our company.

In this article we review all the collaboration tools to help you choose the most suitable for your needs.



How to improve your communications thanks to the cloud

The solutions of collaboration, communication and voice have undergone great changes of a time to this part. Not long ago, it was necessary to have different suppliers , who provided us with independent solutions and suffered from a great virtue: integration among all of them.

The multiplatform nature of certain solutions and the attractive current mobile tariffs favor the flexibility of work teams and achieve total mobility . At Softeng we are committed to communication and collaboration solutions based on Microsoft technologies , because they have a proven leadership position.



Office 365 and Softeng boost the productivity of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona

The prestigious Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona (MACBA), declared a museum of national interest by the Generalitat de Catalunya, is dedicated to the exhibition of works from the second half of the twentieth century.

The museum required modernizing its mail solution and incorporating new features of instant messaging and video conferencing for its users. To do so, they decided to adopt the cloud productivity platform of Microsoft Office 365 betting on Softeng as their cloud services partner.


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