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Softeng easily renews its website thanks to Portal Builder
Softeng easily renews its website thanks to Portal Builder

Just a few days we renew our Web site with the aim of providing a more current space, clearly highlighting the value of our 3 areas of expertise as well as new solutions in the cloud that we have prepared. In addition, the new website of Softeng presents a user-oriented design and a simplified navigation that makes it easy to query the contents of an agile and fluid way.

From the marketing department can say that the renovation has been done with little effort and shape autonomous, without intervention of the consulting team and web engineering.

All this has been possible thanks to the new and powerful visual Portal Builder composition, which has allowed us to change the appearance and contents of our website easily as well as create visually new pages and covers. In addition. the translation of the website to catalan and English has been performed automatically, saving us many hours of work.

Softeng Portal Builder ™ is the evolution of content management systems since it encourages companies via the web. With Portal Builder we have web sites, increasing business and enjoying autonomy and productivity in the management of our web site.

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About Softeng

Softeng is a software consulting and engineering company whose mission is to help companies increase their competitive advantage by optimizing their systems, improving their productivity and driving innovation.

To achieve this, he accompanies his clients with security in his digital transformation, moving his classic systems to Microsoft 365 and Azure optimizing them, modernizing his workstation to improve productivity and protecting his companies against data leaks and cyber threats, with innovation.

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