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Ediciones Urano already enjoy your new SharePoint intranet
Ediciones Urano already enjoy your new SharePoint intranet

The major Publisher Ediciones Urano opted for Softeng to carry out the development of its new intranet. Now, several months after hard work, enjoy a tool that has quickly become key for your business successfully.

The solution offers Ediciones Urano an integral management of all its publishing business, providing a considerable increase in productivity across the organization.

With almost 30 years of experience, Ediciones Urano publishes books of very diverse typologies through 12 stamps, being Uranus, Titania, Umbriel editors or company active. In addition, it has an extensive network of distributors in all Latin America and since its inception, demonstrates a clear commitment by the new technologies.

On Softeng proud Ediciones Urano satisfaction with our work and from these lines, we want to thank you for the trust that deposited us to bet on us.  Thanks a lot!


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