April 2020:


How to work from home, safely

The situation generated by COVID-19 has caused many companies to have to choose the telework modality in an urgent and hasty way. This modality was not contemplated in their contingency plans and has caused that in many cases the environments from which the employees work are not sufficiently protected.

From Softeng, based on our accumulated knowledge and experience, we tell you about the main measures you must take to make teleworking safe for both your company and your employees.



Security Webinar: How to protect our companies in the new era of telework

Due to the situation generated by COVID-19, the organizations that have been able to make the abrupt change towards teleworking, have generally done so without being fully prepared, in logical haste, ignoring key security aspects.

In order to help in this key step, we have prepared a live demo webinar in which we will discuss the most common attacks that companies are experiencing in this specific teleworking scenario (most without knowing it) and how we must protect ourselves to avoid them. .



Summary of our event: "The challenge of safely accelerating the digital transformation of your company" with Microsoft 365 and Azure

At the beginning of March we held a new edition of our event "The challenge of safely accelerating the digital transformation of your company" in Barcelona, this year focused on all the security news and discovering the new modern workplace with Microsoft 365. In this article we will tell you the key aspects of each of the presentations.


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Learn how smart cybersecurity enables digital trust in this report from IDC and Softeng

In this report prepared by IDC in collaboration with Softeng, we will try to understand the impact of digital transformation on companies, society and the new applications developed to meet new digital needs with the highest level of security. A new level of security in which AI plays a fundamental role by enabling the enablement of “digital trust” that allows organizations to compete in this digital arena and guarantee a secure digital experience.


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April 2020: