Softeng Portal Builder ™, the first platform for Web projects operating in Windows Azure
Softeng Portal Builder ™, the first platform for Web projects operating in Windows Azure

After several months of research and engineering, Softeng Portal Builder ™ has become the first enterprise platform for web content management projects in Spain that operates in Microsoft Windows Azure. With the new development which is the union of Softeng Portal Builder ™ with Azure, customers and IT departments have the option to access the best security technologies and getting a quick return on your investment.

What is Windows Azure? Microsoft Windows Azure is a hosted operating system next generation, which allows you to develop, manage and run applications and remote services in the cloud, or what is the same, provided as a service capacity computing, storage and connectivity .

The fundamental purpose of Azure is to provide customers a remote datacenter to house Web applications to benefit from the advantages of cloud-computing and NET.:

  1. Required investment in hardware or software assets.
  2. Eliminates the need for staff to manage customer's own infrastructure.
  3. Computing, storage and connectivity as required by the web application.
  4. Unlimited scalability.
  5. Reliability.
  6. Information Security.
  7. Interoperability.
  8. Familiar tools for developers.
  9. Pay per use.

    More choices than ever option Azure completes the offer innovative flexible housing model "SaaS AnyWhere" Softeng, which allows host a Web project with the content management platform Softeng Portal Builder ™ at:

    • Own Datacenter: For large accounts that opt to host their applications on their infrastructure.
    • ISP customer confidence: For businesses with web applications with moderate requirements of availability and scalability, and who for various reasons prefer to manage and dispose of a server or dedicated servers.
    • Microsoft Windows Azure: For businesses with web applications with high availability and scalability needs to get all the benefits of the cloud.
    • Combined solution: For companies that require on-premise as a matter of efficiency or security policy (eg an intranet) application, along with a public web cloud or ISP, due to needs of availability, connectivity and scalability.
    Microsoft Azure y softeng Portal Builder CMS

    Microsoft and SOFTENG are working to carry out joint activities to raise awareness of the benefits of joining"Softeng Portal Builder ™ + Azure"because the solution provides enterprises to choose the hosting of their Web applications in cloud-based services, servers in your datacenter (on-premise), or combine them in a way that makes the most sense for your specific needs.

    About SOFTENG Founded in 1997, Softeng is a national software engineering, manufacturer of the first platform for Web projects: Softeng Portal Builder ™ can help people and companies to build, manage and connect business Web solutions. If you are interested in more information about Softeng, visit the Web page www.softeng.es


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