Softeng Portal Builder, the Microsoft Windows Azure Marketplace
Softeng Portal Builder in Microsoft Windows Azure Marketplace

Coinciding with the global event for Microsoft partners held in Los Angeles and Softeng which was present Softeng Portal Builder was part of the official opening of MarketPlace Azure with another 200 applications from around the world. This milestone marks the first step towards the internationalization of the recent award-winning platform by Microsoft in the contest of applications in the cloud.

The Windows Azure Marketplace, a shopping site that ranks Microsoft applications running in the cloud using Microsoft Windows Azure cloud platform.

Softeng Portal Builder is the evolution of content management systems (web CMS), to an enterprise platform for implementing projects in the cloud web profitably, to help empower businesses via the Web by offering autonomy and productivity in managing the site with low cost of ownership.

Of all its benefits include visual editing from within the site, improving search engine positioning, the system of simultaneous translation of content into other languages ​​and the ability to increase conversion of visitors into new business opportunities by analyzing the behavior users.

You can access the Azure Marketplace tab and check the Portal Builder Softeng here


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