InteriorVista, the leader in interactive 3D applications for interior design, bets on Softeng Portal Builder ™ as a competitive strategy

InteriorVista, leader in interactive 3D applications for interior design, He has decided to trust in Softeng Portal Builder ™ as a competitive strategy, with the aim of enhancing its solution Configured Spaces, by multiplying the value offered to its customers.

In practice, InteriorVista technology offers clients like IKEA, a kitchens 3D configured for stores (through a kiosk with touchscreen), or via the Internet, users can visually design a kitchen from a digital catalogue. In this way, the user can customize the look, furniture and appliances as desired as well as view with a surprising realism and know its price.

InteriorVista has boosted the value of your solution with:

  • Autonomy: InteriorVista will get full autonomy to easily manage the thousands of content that make up the digital catalog that feeds the Configurator of kitchens, as well as versions of catalogues and its publication.
  • Productivity: Softeng Portal Builder, with Interior view can generate redistricters of interactive spaces from the digital catalog to design for each client as well as catalogues of all the clients of Interior view centrally manage, offering them in sites customized for each client.
  • Always up-to-date kiosks: Thanks to the web applications that are developed with Portal Builder are capable of auto - updating, the kiosks not only will always have the most recent contents of the catalog, but also will have the latest version of the interactive application available on the server at all times.
  • Extensibility: Softeng Portal Builder offers the possibility of extending the architecture of the solution, to Interior view well incorporating web services with complex business logic, or through features such as workflow, e-commerce and integration with other enterprise applications.
  • Rapid implementation: The system cache twice offered Softeng Portal Builder, will allow that users can design their kitchen in real time.
  • Cost savings:   The automation of repetitive processes with low added value for its customers as the massive burden of content, a new catalog update or the automatic optimization of images, will provide substantial savings in hours of work.
  • Link with social networks: Users who have designed their kitchen will share the interactive composition with friends and acquaintances, and they may even bring it back to your tastes.

On the agreement of collaborationThrough the agreement, InteriorVista will incorporate Softeng Portal Builder ™technology in all its current and future projects. Also, both Softeng and Interior view combine efforts and channel the knowledge of the departments of r & d of both entities towards the improvement of the Configurator of spaces and finding new applications that we put at the forefront of the decoration sector through leading-edge technologies.About InteriorVistaDigital design company specialized in images to catalog and interactive 3D for the decoration sector applications. With solutions of 3D simulation for leading companies in solutions for the home, such as IKEA. About SOFTENGFounded in 1997, Softeng is a national software engineering expertise in Microsoft technology, manufacturer of the first SaaS platform in the cloud for Web projects: Softeng Portal Builder ™ can help businesses to build, manage and connect business Web solutions. If you are interested in more information on Softeng, visit the website http://www.softeng.es


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