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Institut Guttmann is uploaded to the Portal Builder and Azure cloud
The prestigious Institut Guttmann has uploaded to the cloud from the hand of Softeng, betting on the solution for web projects Softeng Portal Builder, which runs on Microsoft Windows Azure, platform cloud of Microsoft.

Among all the advantages of Softeng Portal Builder, include productivity offered by the visual editing from his own site, content into other languages simultaneous translation system and improved positioning in search engines, map of heat and web analytics that provide the information necessary to know the preferences of the users who visit your site.
Softeng is confirmed as a specialist in Office for companies.

With an event organized by Softeng and Microsoft called "The cloud as a solution to improve competitiveness" that took place last October 18 in Barcelona, Softeng is positioned as productivity,platform specialistcommunication and collaborationhoused in thecloud, Office 365.

This event, designed for business decision makers and it managers, experts in services in the cloud of Softeng talked about productivity and reduction of costs with Office 365.

MICROSOFT and invite you to the event SOFTENG Office 365 "The cloud as a solution to improve competitiveness"
The event will take place on October 18th at Microsoft facilities in Barcelona. In that event, designed for business decision makers and IT managers, attendees will have the opportunity to discover how nontechnical Office 365 helps increase the efficiency and competitiveness of companies by improving collaboration and user productivity by eliminating the pain of IT departments and dramatically reducing the cost of maintaining their current infrastructures.
Softeng Portal Builder, the Microsoft Windows Azure Marketplace
The global event for Microsoft partners, coinciding with the award granted by Microsoft in its competition for applications in the cloud, Softeng Portal Builder was part of the launch of Microsoft Windows Azure MarketPlace.
Softeng Portal Builder wins the prize for best entrepreneur Cloud project awarded by Microsoft
Microsoft, in its tender application on Azure Cloud "The Cloud Master" Softeng gives the award for best technology entrepreneur Cloud project and submit to Softeng Portal Builder in the event IAMCP (International Association of Microsoft channel partners) that held next autumn in Santander.

The Cloud Master challenges students, entrepreneurs and professional developers to create the best application in the cloud. The objectives are to educate the developer community and create new jobs and highly qualified new cloud solutions.
SOFTENG is the world conference of Microsoft partners to be held in Los Angeles
The annual conference of Microsoft partners (WPC) is the main event which brings together the top leaders of Microsoft worldwide and top executives Cloud area, both as Azure Office 365. From among thousands of Microsoft partners Spain, SOFTENG is one of the 41 Spanish companies attending the conference

Softeng trusts ISS Facility Services to ensure that their applications are always operational.

The department of information technology has entrusted SOFTENG ISS to improve their IT infrastructure based on Microsoft platform with the aim of increasing the availability of business applications thereby ensuring business continuity, no matter what happens.

ISS is present in over 50 countries and over 485,000 employees providing services to over 100,000 customers every day, generating a turnover of € 9,254 Mill (2009). It is also the 6th best company in the world by Fortune magazine.
SOFTENG MICROSOFT and organized the event "The new generation of portals in the cloud"
June 7 Barcelona / Madrid June 14
This event will draw the cloud responsible for Marketing and IT companies, informing them of its benefits and helping you decide which platform is best suited for deploying a web project in Cloud. Were also present alternatives depending on whether a project collaboration and management intranet or a public portal for customers and / or suppliers.
SOFTENG becomes strategic partner of Microsoft Innovation Center
Microsoft Partner de innovaciónIn the center of innovation in Microsoft's productivity (Productivity MIC) is a foundation that aims to help companies increase employee productivity from efficient use and application of good practice in working with technology iProductivity .

The objective of the agreement signed between the Microsoft Innovation Center and SOFTENG, is working together to outreach to businesses on how information technology can increase productivity, provide our knowledge on Microsoft technology popularization events and projects within our three areas of specialization.
SOFTENG participates with IDC at the "Cloud Computing 2011"

The next day April 6 in MadridIDCanalyzethe present and future of Cloud Computing at an eventExclusive to bring together the most influential providers, along with senior executives of major IT companies to analyze, discuss and learn how to integrate with existing technology tag in your company.  In this event, SOFTENG participate as a case study with companies and world-class organizations like Microsoft, Google, HP, Intel, Accenture and Indra among others, showing their experience in the process of moving a large application as Softeng Portal Builder to the cloud with Microsoft Windows Azure.

The IT Responsible Arnal think about events Softeng:

The overall event was very interesting. Live demos and explanations of specialists help to easily understand the more complicated issues. The location of the event, centrally located and well connected, is perfect.

Yolanda Martinez | IT Director ARNAL

The IT Director of Zeppelin TV (Endemol Group) thinks about the Softeng events:

The event gave me the opportunity to know all the news of Office 365 and Azure through very interesting demos. Both the presentations and the location of the event, I found very good. I would definitely recommend it.

Miguel Ángel Hernández | Resp IT ZEPPELIN TV

El Responsable IT del Grupo Álava Ingenieros opina sobre los eventos de Softeng:

Softeng always manages to combine masterfully, some interesting content, very good technical facilities in the rooms where they are held, and the great expertise of its staff, for the event to prove tremendously useful, informative and entertaining.


El CIO de Media Markt opina sobre Softeng:

Softeng are committed not only by the experience demonstrated in Azure IaaS but above all, as a software engineering who knew us the best solution: A PaaS environment.

Eduard Martinez | CIO MEDIA MARKT

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