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Softeng, a year-end very committed to helping companies

Due to the enormous impact that this 2020 has had in terms of changes for companies, from Softeng we have launched our own initiatives, participation in events and contributions in the media with the aim of helping teams and companies to be resilient and be better prepared for moments of so much uncertainty.

In this article, we will tell you the most relevant things we have launched in terms of events, webinars and articles in specialized cybersecurity magazines.

Softeng will participate in the Future of Work 2020

On November 19, Future of Work 2020 will take place, the event organized by IDC where they will discuss the impact that the future of work will have on employees and the business.

Softeng will participate in the hands of its CEO, Carlos Colell, who will present in a round table what are the fundamental pillars to guarantee remote work that allows companies to continue being productive and without risks for companies.

This was the participation of Softeng in the IDC CIO Digital Forum 2020 event

Softeng has participated in the XII edition of the CIO Digital Forum, the annual event organized by IDC Research, where needs, solutions and trends in the current IT environment were discussed.

Carlos Colell, CEO of Softeng, participated in a round table where he presented Softeng's perspective on how to address IT security challenges in this new and uncertain current context that the pandemic is bringing us.

Softeng participates in the IDC CIO Digital Forum 2020 event

This year Softeng participates in the CIO Digital Forum 2020 event organized by IDC and which will take place in virtual format on September 22 and 23.

Our CEO Carlos Colell will participate in the round table "Building the security business in the cloud (privacy and regulation)", where he will expose the value that Softeng brings in terms of security and digital trust and will answer related questions.

Softeng present at the CISO DAY 2020

Softeng will participate as a sponsor in the annual CISO Day 2020 event to be held on September 17 . The event, organized by Cibersecurity News, will address the main challenges, trends and research in cybersecurity, this year with special attention to the increase in cyberattacks during the pandemic, security in the teleworking environment and the management and direction of both the company public and private. Likewise, this edition will feature various success stories, round tables and interviews with CISOs of important companies such as Grupo Sacyr, Banco ING or the multinational HomeServe.

Softeng Earns Advanced Microsoft Specialization: Adoption and Change Management

The achievement of this specialization is thanks to the proven technological training of our engineers through the official certifications obtained and the large number of medium and large company clients to whom Softeng has successfully implemented adoption and change management solutions to boost the use of Microsoft 365.

Softeng participates in IDG's CYBERSECURITY 2020 event through a presentation on how to protect companies in the new era of telework

Softeng participated on June 9 in the Cybersecurity 2020 virtual event organized by IDG Research, in which the main cybersecurity trends were explored and analyzed during the crisis caused by COVID19.

Our CEO, Carlos Colell, participated in the presentation "How to protect our companies in the new era of telework" in which he addressed the security challenge that this new scenario represents for companies.

Softeng's success in deploying Microsoft Teams to tens of thousands of users

As proof of our commitment to our customers in the face of the situation we are experiencing due to the Covid-19, we want to share with you the achievement of having launched during this period and to date, more than 20,000 users in Microsoft Teams.

These figures not only demonstrate the effort made by Softeng but also our capacity and involvement to offer the service that our clients need in any circumstance.

Security Webinar: How to protect our companies in the new era of telework

Due to the situation generated by COVID-19, the organizations that have been able to make the abrupt change towards teleworking, have generally done so without being fully prepared, in logical haste, ignoring key security aspects.

In order to help in this key step, we have prepared a live demo webinar in which we will discuss the most common attacks that companies are experiencing in this specific teleworking scenario (most without knowing it) and how we must protect ourselves to avoid them. .

Softeng present the IDC SECURITY CONFERENCE 2020 event

Softeng will participate in the next edition of the IDC Security Conference event that IDC Research Spain organizes annually and which focuses   This year the debate on the new cybersecurity strategies and how cyberintelligence should provide an additional layer to them.

Our CEO will participate in the panel of experts on intelligent cybersecurity platforms, talking about the strategies that companies are following to strengthen their security, typical mistakes that are usually made in them and some of the many consequences they are suffering, often without knowing it. . It will also talk about the challenge of quantifying the risk of any organization at any time, offering a simple solution to calculate it. Discover the event agenda here.


The professionalism and knowledge of the Softeng engineers as well as their cordial treatment have made adoption to Exchange online very fast and without problems.

Felix Roda | IT Director ESTABLIMENTS MIRÓ

After polling various partners we decided on Softeng; they with their knowledge are helping us to implement and understand Office 365 and to change our digital culture.

Jo rdi de Martín | ICT Area Director FIATC

We decided on O365 with Softeng for their good references. It has been a fast and uncomplicated process and in all likelihood we will continue to rely on Softeng in future projects.

Miguel Angel Hernández | IT Director ZEPPELIN

We bet on Softeng not only for the experience demonstrated in Azure IaaS but above all, for being a software engineering that knew how to give us the best solution: a PaaS environment.

Eduard Martínez | CIO MEDIA MARKT

We chose Softeng for the good references we got from other customers and Microsoft, their solution to migrate to Office 365 was a success. We are totally satisfied to have bet for them.

Sergio Vaquero | IT Director INTECSA INARSA

We are very satisfied with the many advantages that Office 365 offers our company and with the work done by the Softeng team of professionals, it has been a quick and hassle-free migration.

Santi Verdaguer | IT Director PROQUIMIA

Softeng has shown us confidence, and presents solutions that guarantee 100% security and privacy of our information.

Ferran Fernandez | IT Director GRUP PERALADA

We are very pleased with both the result obtained in the project as the management and administration Softeng done to maintain our operational infrastructure in new Azure.

Antonio Torrejón | IT Director COIB

Softeng helped us make a smooth transition to the cloud without significant problems and efficiently solving the challenges that were posed, feeling at all times well accompanied. We continue working with them on new projects with total satisfaction.

Jorge Riaza | IT Director ARITEX

We bet for it and it was a success for the numerous advantages that Azure offers us in terms of cost savings, flexibility and performance.

Antoni Torrejón | IT Director COIB

The professionalism of Softeng in both its advice and the implementation of the platforms have made the adaptation to Office 365 has been a success.

Antoni Lucea | Responsible MACBA systems

Softeng has demonstrated a deep knowledge of Microsoft cloud solutions and a high degree of professionalism, availability and involvement. We are really satisfied with the results obtained and we will count on them for future occasions.

Javier Gimeno | Rble. IT ALAVA INGENIEROS

We opted for Softeng, because of the experience they had in implementations with other clients. It turned out to be a fairly quick and problem-free implementation.

Samuel Lacarta | IT Director VUELING

Thanks to the involvement and good willingness of Softeng we have managed to successfully tackle the project, always obtaining a quick response from both its engineers and the rest of the team.

Sergi Ruiz | Rble. Infrastructure IMC TOYS

With the help of Softeng, we have made a quick and smooth migration, accompanied at all times by a large team of professionals. We are very satisfied with Softeng and hope to have them for future projects.

Carmen Esclapés | Rble. IT REIG JOFRE

We have worked with Softeng given the good references we had from Microsoft itself. We will count on them for future projects for their professionalism and involvement.

Xavier Venteo | IT Director INFOJOBS

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Softeng is a software consulting and engineering company whose mission is to help companies increase their competitive advantage by optimizing their systems, improving their productivity and driving innovation.

To achieve this, he accompanies his clients with security in his digital transformation, moving his classic systems to Microsoft 365 and Azure optimizing them, modernizing his workstation to improve productivity and protecting his companies against data leaks and cyber threats, with innovation.

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