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Indukern Group
The Systems and Communications Manager of the Indukern Group thinks about Softeng:

"The Office 365 tools implemented by softeng and especially Exchange Online will allow us to unify all the corporate email systems in Spain and the rest of the international subsidiaries, and on the other hand, we will open a range of online collaboration possibilities that now we did not have our current mail system (Lotus Notes), we believe that the robustness of the system and the scalability of the Microsoft solution is the tool we needed for our Group. "

Alejandro Moreno

The IT Director of Infojobs comments on Softeng:

"This is the first time that we have worked with Softeng, given the good references that we had from Microsoft, we have started to know and we will have Softeng for future projects due to their professionalism and involvement. in the management of the change to achieve the success of the project, the result has been that we have achieved a satisfactory implementation of which other companies of the Schibsted group, of which Infojobs is part, are asking us for reference. "

Xavier Venteo

TIC Kobex
The IT Group Head of Noria opinion on Softeng:

"The Noria Group, always leading technology, we wanted a solution to migrate our ERP to a cloud infrastructure. In Softeng helped us understand why Azure was better choice than a hoster and during the project, the team of engineers Softeng with the requirements of our engineers, designed and helped deploy the necessary so that our users could use our ERP Cloud proposing optimizations application and database infrastructure needed specifically for Azure.

I want to emphasize that Softeng has done a great job and the experience of working with them has been very rewarding, so we are satisfied with the choice we made for this Partner of Microsoft. Currently, Softeng helps us to successfully manage our infrastructure in Azure and hope to continue counting on them for a long time. "

Ricard Carreras

Invent Farma
The IT Director of the Invent Farma Group thinks about Softeng:

" It's been a very positive experience working with Softeng, both for the professionalism of their team and for their kind and personalized treatment," he said. "We would like to highlight the excellent knowledge and experience of its engineers in the Office 365 productivity suite and the satisfaction in the implementation project in our group, we hope to continue working with them in future projects. "

Marta Jiménez

Channel Marketing & Strategy Director at Microsoft

"As Director of Strategy and Business Partners I can only say that SOFTENG is an example of how to do things right. His technical and sales team constantly learning, are up to date and are very good. His address an example of perseverance and service. with Partners as SOFTENG customers get very far. "
Fernando González

Vueling Airlines
The IT Director of Vueling comments on Softeng:

"For the implementation of the solution we worked with several suppliers and in the end we opted for Softeng, due to the experience they had in implementations with other clients, which turned out to be a fairly quick and problem-free implementation, including training.

We believe that they will help us to extend the use within the company and get even more out of it by increasing the productivity of the employees. "

Samuel Lacarta

The IT Director of Household Appliances Miró thinks about Softeng:

"With the collaboration of Softeng we have carried out the modernization project of our Exchange server by moving the central office and our stores to the cloud with complete satisfaction and implementing a unified management through a new Active Directory." Professionalism and knowledge Softeng's engineers and their cordial treatment have made adoption to Exchange online very fast and smooth, meeting deadlines, and we look forward to continuing to collaborate with Softeng! "
Felix Roda

The Head of Organization and Systems of the Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona thinks about Softeng:

"MACBA needed to modernize the email solution and provide our employees with tools that would allow them greater efficiency and flexibility by incorporating new features of instant messaging and video conferencing, for which we focused on Microsoft's cloud solutions, which offered us the flexibility and the cost savings that we were looking for The professionalism of Softeng both in its advice and in the implementation of the platforms have made the adaptation to Office 365 a success, we are satisfied with the results and we hope to have Softeng for future Projects"

Antoni Lucea


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Softeng is a software consulting and engineering company whose mission is to help companies increase their competitive advantage by optimizing their systems, improving their productivity and driving innovation.

To achieve this, he accompanies his clients with security in his digital transformation, moving his classic systems to Microsoft 365 and Azure optimizing them, modernizing his workstation to improve productivity and protecting his companies against data leaks and cyber threats, with innovation.

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