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The IT Director of SELLBYTEL Group comments on Softeng:

"Softeng combines professionalism with a great human team, close and committed to customer service. We have been working with them for several years and have always known how to listen to us and offer a quick response to our needs, we are very satisfied with Softeng and look forward to continuing to count on them. Future projects. "

Mariano Bañon

Media Markt
The CIO of Media Markt think about Softeng:

"Media Markt, with the advice of Trilogi, opted for Softeng to carry out the project not only for the experience demonstrated in Azure IaaS but above all, as a software engineering also knew us the best solution: a PaaS environment. the project was executed brilliantly and times and anticipated costs, reaffirming the right decision "

Eduard Martínez

The Director of ICT area FIATC think about Softeng:

"We knew we had to make a decision, but we needed someone to give us security and confidence; we will show that our bet was a winning bet for the future; that there would be problems, but also solutions; it was a real commitment to productivity and efficiency. And after probing various partners we decided on Softeng; them with their knowledge are helping us understand and implement Office 365 and change our digital culture. "

Jordi Martin

General Electric
The General Electric Lead SCADA Engineer comments on Softeng:

"Since Alstom Wind (purchased by General Electric in Nov-2015), we needed the development of a new, web-based real-time wind farm monitoring system with the challenge of getting a product that suited the limited We needed a new product that improved the current one we had, with a new look and feel, with many more functionalities and easy handling for the end user and our customers.

After several years working with Softeng, we can say that the dedication, effort and motivation that this team has demonstrated, for the product they have developed, has always been at the highest level. Implication 100% by the development team. By fulfilling plannings, covering requirements and offering improvements and ideas that have added value to our product.

Both from Alstom and today from General Electric we have enjoyed (and continue to enjoy) excellent support for problem solving and improvement actions. Softeng has met all our needs and has even exceeded our expectations. "

David Alcaraz

Zeppelin TV
The IT Director of Zeppelin TV (Endemol Group) Review Softeng:

"With the help of Softeng have migrated the websites of Big Brother and Big Brother to Azure, having achieved its full availability in times of increased activity, coinciding with the issuance of the galas and the next day, something that is vital for us in line with the commitment made with our audience. And thanks to the solution in the cloud Microsoft, we can adapt the infrastructure to our calendar and real needs at all times, without having to bear the costs of hardware maintenance and energy, and obtaining nearly 80% direct cost savings operational. "

Miguel Angel Hernandez

Indukern Group
The manager of systems and communications of the Indukern Group thinks about Softeng:

"The tools of Office 365 deployed by softeng and especially Exchange Online will allow us to unify all the corporate mail systems in Spain and other international affiliates and on the other hand will open a range of possibilities for Online collaboration that until Now we did not have it with our current mail system (Lotus Notes). "We believe that the robustness of the system and the scalability of Microsoft's solution is the tool we needed for our Group."

Alejandro Moreno

The IT Director Infojobs think about Softeng:

"In this implementation I is the first time we have worked with Softeng given the good references we had by the Microsoft itself. We have begun to know and for sure we will have Softeng for future projects for their professionalism and involvement. Especially I want to emphasize your support in change management for project success. the result has been that we have achieved a satisfactory implementation of reference we are asking other companies in the Schibsted group which is part Infojobs. "

Xavier Venting

TIC Kobex
The IT Group Head of Noria opinion on Softeng:

"The Noria Group, always leading technology, we wanted a solution to migrate our ERP to a cloud infrastructure. In Softeng helped us understand why Azure was better choice than a hoster and during the project, the team of engineers Softeng with the requirements of our engineers, designed and helped deploy the necessary so that our users could use our ERP Cloud proposing optimizations application and database infrastructure needed specifically for Azure.

I want to emphasize that Softeng has done a great job and the experience of working with them has been very rewarding, so we are satisfied with the choice we made for this Partner of Microsoft. Currently, Softeng helps us to successfully manage our infrastructure in Azure and hope to continue counting on them for a long time. "

Ricard Carreras


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