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Mejora tus procesos de negocio con Power Platform

The situation we have experienced this past year has caused a very significant impact on many organizations, forcing many companies to reimagine the way they work, not only in terms of teleworking, but also in how their business operates.

At this point, the Digital Transformation of organizations is no longer an opportunity, and has become a necessity to be more productive. Companies must have the appropriate tools to be able to operate flexibly and agilely, modernizing their business processes through digitization. However, there are a number of challenges that companies face when starting the path of digitization:

  • Concentrate and locate information and processes: It is vital that information is shared in an agile and unified way, for this reason it is very important that knowledge is concentrated in a single location and not scattered in user mailboxes, files in units of network, hard drives and even in the head of the person in charge.
  • Reduce repetitive work: When information and processes are not properly organized, it is customary to add repetitive work that can be frustrating and lead to errors.
  • Minimize human errors , which are the most obvious consequence of poorly defined processes.
  • Homogenize internal procedures , in such a way that each person always uses the same process to work, avoiding having several different processes for the same purpose.
  • Streamline the monitoring and control of tasks : Using the same process we will be able to see what situation we are in and we will have control of the execution of the tasks.

The solution to address these challenges?

To be able to face all these challenges, Microsoft offers Power Platform, which is a set of specialized tools, oriented to analyze data, create solutions and automate the processes of organizations. In addition, it is a low-code development platform, that is, it requires little technical knowledge to be able to implement very powerful solutions that help everyone to work effectively and safely.

Power Platform consists of the following solutions:

  • PowerApps , which allows you to create business applications in a fast and agile way.
  • Power Automate , which makes it easy to create automated workflows to process your organization's information.
  • Power BI , which helps organizations collect information from their different information systems and display them in an aggregated way, allowing them to visualize the state of the business and thus make more well-informed and, consequently, smarter decisions.
  • Power Virtual Agents , which allows creating virtual assistants through chats for the consultation and management of repetitive tasks.

Microsoft offers Power Platform within its cloud platform for productivity, Microsoft 365. It is also integrated with Dynamics 365 and Azure.

Mejora tus procesos de negocio con Power Platform

Let's dive a little deeper into each of the solutions:

Mejora tus procesos de negocio con Power Platform

PowerApps: Create and share applications quickly.

PowerApps allows you to create business applications that easily connect to data, use logical expressions like Excel, and work on most web browsers and mobile platforms (Android, iOS, and Windows).

With PowerApps, business people can create their own applications independently and according to their needs through simple visual forms that allow displaying and entering data from different sources of information, both inside and outside Microsoft 365.

Through the consultation and creation of PowerApps data, organizations have a way of homogenizing and standardizing the collection of information, so that all employees can incorporate and consume valid, updated and accessible company information.

Mejora tus procesos de negocio con Power Platform


Mejora tus procesos de negocio con Power Platform

PowerAutomate: Simplify repetitive tasks and processes.

Power Automate is a service that allows you to create workflows to automate business processes of different types quickly and safely. The main characteristic of these flows is that they are based on the model of “when something happens, execute this series of actions”, known in English as “if this then that”.

This model allows you to create flows that are triggered by multiple reasons, such as when a new record is inserted from a PowerApps application, or someone uploads a document to a SharePoint Online library, or something happens in one of the services accessible from the hundreds of data connectors offered by the tool. The system then allows actions of all kinds to be carried out, from sending notification emails, starting approval processes, to altering the data in other sources of information.

Creating these workflows is really easy through its designer that allows you to compose the processes by dragging boxes and linking them in a simple way to provide the necessary data at each step of the implemented procedure. Business users will be able to create from the simplest flows to processes with complex conditions and multiple branches, all without programming a single line of code.

With the implementation of business processes through Power Automate, organizations can process information in a fast, continuous, controlled and above all homogeneous way; so that the organization's procedures do not depend exclusively on the workload and motivation of one or more people.

Mejora tus procesos de negocio con Power Platform

Mejora tus procesos de negocio con Power Platform


Power BI: Discover hidden knowledge in your data.

With the data entered through PowerApps and processed with Power Automate, organizations need to visualize this information in an aggregated way to better understand how the business is performing.

With Power BI, you can make sense of your data and make quick and appropriate business decisions by providing everyone involved with data-driven insights for immediate responses. The solution helps us to incorporate information from all our systems, unify it and visualize it in an interesting, relevant way and above all in real time, which helps us make better decisions in an agile and faster way.

We can easily connect our databases to Power BI to perform business analysis quickly and independently. The application connects to many databases, both locally and in the cloud. In collaboration with other applications such as Dynamics 365, Azure SQL Database, Salesforce, Excel and SharePoint, it allows the creation of detailed summaries that will help make many critical decisions in your company.

Mejora tus procesos de negocio con Power Platform


Mejora tus procesos de negocio con Power Platform
Power Virtual Agents: respond quickly to the needs of your customers and employees.

Power Virtual Agents allows you to easily create chatbots to chat with customers or employees without the need for programming or knowledge in Artificial Intelligence, helping companies to solve problems of slowness in human chains.

Bots allow you to interact with your customers and employees in any conversation and easily resolve everyday issues so your team can focus on complex issues.

This solution also includes the possibility of extending its capabilities through Power Automate, which expands its capabilities allowing the creation of much more powerful conversational agents.

Mejora tus procesos de negocio con Power Platform

Cross-cutting solutions

Microsoft offers us a series of solutions that help expand the possibilities of the Power Platform:

Data connectors

All the solutions that make up the Power Platform have a very special common feature, data connectors. These connectors allow, in the context of each service, access to the information and functionalities of other tools in the cloud (including hundreds of non-Microsoft services) allowing to consult, modify and collect data from very diverse sources and incorporate them into the processes. of the organization's business. There are currently more than 275 connectors for Power Platfom, some examples are: Salesforce, Office 365, Twitter, Dropbox or Google services.


Microsoft Dataverse allows you to securely store and manage the data used by solutions implemented with the Power Platform.

AI Builder

AI Builder is a solution that allows you to easily add intelligence to workflows and Power Apps, as well as predict results to help improve business performance without the need to write code.


Organizations need smart and agile solutions to help them address new challenges and remain competitive. For this, Power Platform is the ideal business solution that allows to drive innovation throughout organizations, giving everyone the ability to analyze data, create solutions, automate processes and create chatbots with the help of Artificial Intelligence.


Do you want to know more about Power Platform and how we can help you digitize your business processes?

Next Thursday, September 30, we will hold a digital event in which you will be able to learn about the possibilities and tools available to start or enrich a data analysis platform that can provide your company with an agile decision-making system with Power Platform and the latest what's new from Microsoft. Do not miss it!

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