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Los motivos por los que apostar por el entorno de trabajo moderno

In an increasingly demanding market, adapting to the new digital culture by training your employees with tools so that they can offer the company all their potential and experience, is a key requirement to guarantee the competitiveness of this and an essential part of the transformation digital

The modern workplace

The workplace is changing, to a large extent, due to the possibilities offered by technology. However, the commitment to offer a modern workplace is much more than technology, it is a work philosophy in which collaboration reaches its maximum exponent to boost the productivity of the company allowing each worker to give their best. . According to several studies, it has been possible to demonstrate how technology can multiply the productivity of an employee by almost two, which is a competitive advantage for the company.

What is the modern job position?

In short, it consists of offering employees tools that encourage innovation , that allow them to be more creative and with which any person in the organization can contribute ideas. This will increase the value of all employees with tools that allow them to collaborate and work as a team. Likewise, it will help the company to retain talent and evidently, with the current threat scenario, all this environment must be very safe and comply with the regulations in force.

How can Microsoft and Softeng help us?

Microsoft offers us a modern, collaborative, flexible and secure way of working through Microsoft 365 . The platform helps companies of all sizes and sectors to adopt the digital transformation and facilitate that change towards the modern job and Softeng can help you to implement and correctly adopt it.

Microsoft 365 brings together in one solution the full potential of the cloud with Office 365 , the best operating system version with Windows 10 and the best security and control with Enterprise Mobility + Security ( EMS ):

  • It allows companies to boost their creativity and encourage teamwork through the best collaboration and communication tools included in Office 365.
  • It allows users to work with security, simplicity, flexibility and mobility.
  • It helps to guarantee regulatory compliance.
  • It offers tools that protect both workers and the intellectual property of the company against an environment with increasingly complex threats.
  • It offers artificial intelligence along with technologies such as Business Intelligence or Machine Learning integrated into the products.

New objectives for your company

Now we know that boosting employee productivity is no longer the only objective that your company must pursue, so is creativity, collaboration and flexibility at work, always ensuring a safe environment and complying with legal regulations. Also, this new way of working does not have to be seen as something future, but as an immediate need to continue being competitive.

This article is the introduction to the rest of the posts that make up our May newsletter in which you will know the editions of Microsoft 365 according to the size of your company and also a short summary of our event in which you can see that Softeng can be your perfect partner to help you modernize your workplace safely.

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